‘Times Gone By’

A bit of background information…

‘Times Gone By’ is our flagship reminiscence group which has flourished since its beginning in 2005. The monthly reminiscence sessions are the perfect place for older people who enjoy discussing and remembering how things used to be.

In response to requests from members to preserve their memories in some way, we decided to start an oral history archive where we store recordings of many of the reminiscence discussions. When edited, the recorded voices of older people are used in various ways including research projects for local public art commissions, with school groups, reminiscence projects in care homes and enhancing exhibitions.

The group also took part in the World War One at Home Project developed by the BBC for their website.

A key project, and a highlight for the team is the production of an oral history sound trail ‘Exploring Banbury Town’, which features on our website and demonstrates the strength and value of our reminiscence group.

This group welcomes anyone over the age of 55 years.

How to join the group…

Please contact Karey on 01295 236164 or email karey.morley@banburymuseum.org for information on how to join the group.

The group meets in the Education Room at Banbury Museum & Gallery one Friday of every month between 2.00 – 3.45pm. The cost is £3.00 per person

Dates for our 2024 sessions

5 January –  Christmas Past

2 February – Grandparents

1 March – The Market Place

 April Group Visit

3 May – Going to the Cinema

7 June – Changes in our Appearance

5 July – Fast Food

2 August – Delivered to your door 

6 September – Sport & Leisure

4 October – Banbury Fair

8 November – 

6 December – ‘