Story Bash Competition | Banbury Museum

‘Once Upon a Time in Banbury…’  Story Competition

We are simply thrilled to be launching our first ever Banbury Museum school story competition.

This autumn pupils from two local Banbury primary schools, Hardwick Primary School and Hill View Primary School will unleash their creativity and curious minds to write draw or even film their brilliant Banbury stories.

Competition checklist:

Launch date: We launch on TBC.

Inspirational Storyteller: Katrice Horsley – National Storytelling Laureate (2012 – 2014) is spending a day at each school. Imagine spectacular and inspirational storytelling performances to 100’s of curious minds.

A keen and talented judging team: Dan Clacher and Meg Harper, super talented children’s authors, have joined our judging team of local primary teachers.

And the winners are…?  All will be revealed at Story Bash 2017, [INSERT 2017 DATE HERE] with Katrice Horsley performing both stories for the first time. A worldwide exclusive!

We are all super excited!

Shortlisted – visit facebook to view the 10 shortlisted entries.

Our Key Stage one 2016 winner

Luke .R. with ‘Dan’s Time Machine’.

Our Key Stage two 2016 winner

Hollie.K.with ‘The Lunch Hall of Doom’.

Congratulations to Luke, Hollie and every pupil shortlisted. The pupils at Hardwick Primary and Hill View Primary clearly have such brilliant and creative imaginations.