Exhibition at Banbury Museum is sounding Good! The Science of Sound.

Banbury Museum has a new exhibition and it is sounding good! Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound.

Good Vibrations: The Science Of Sound. Now – 2 September

The museum opened its latest exhibition on 16 June as part of the Oxfordshire Science Festival. Continuing through the summer. “Good Vibrations: the science of sound” is designed to be explored in a very hands-on and fun way. It includes a series of interactives that appeals to all ages. Experiment with making music in unusual ways. If there are a few of you visiting together, why not create a band? Feature the unusual combination of light lyre, Theremin and tea chest bass…

Mark playing the tea chest bass at the exhibition

We’ve thrown in a few challenges as well. Can you guess what may have created these soundwave patterns? They show peaks of sound intensity over a few seconds. Clue: you may hear the sounds in some houses, and they aren’t created by machines. Answers at the end.

A. Soundwave pattern from the exhibition

B. Soundwave pattern from the exhibition

Good Vibrations is an immersive interactive exhibition on tour from Science Projects of London (SPL). SPL’s work is featured in major science centres around the world. We’re surrounded by sound and our ears are bombarded by noise. Do you know how sound is made and how it travels? It’s all to do with vibrations, of course. Experiment with odd musical instruments. Find the light lyre with its light beams instead of strings. How about the theremin, played by moving your hands close to two aerials. Find out how your vocal cords work. Watch your voice on a computer screen. Puzzle your brain with sound illusions.

Finally, Banbury Museum has delved into the British Pathe extensive archive to create a series of special film compilations. To tie in with the current exhibition, we are showing ‘Good Vibrations’. A quirky selection of film clips focusing on all things musical.

We hope to welcome you soon!

A. is a cat purring; B. is a child laughing.