Simon Townsend | Banbury Museum

Simon has worked in the Museum Sector for over 30 years in and around the South East. He is passionate about European History from the Trojan Wars onwards, and how our European societies interlinked and developed.

In connection with this, Simon has taken an active role chairing and participating in museum professional networks, both within the UK and across Europe.

Simon has a broad range of cultural interests and is particularly interested in music. He believes museums can work with a broad range of arts professionals, including music and drama, to enrich our lives beyond measure.

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Painting by Thomas Rowlandson, A view near Banbury

Fun Fact

I was talking to a couple whom I didn’t know, at friends Christmas party, and got onto the subject of museums and the Eglin Marbles (or more accurately the Parthenon Marbles). I told them very confidently how the Marbles ought to be returned to Athens, for display in the new Acropolis Museum. What I didn’t know, was that I was speaking to a retired British Ambassador to Athens and his wife, and I got the distinct impression that they did not agree with my opinion.

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