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Our role at the cultural heart of Banbury’s regeneration

Our Director responds to Castle Quay 2

As plans for the expansion of Castle Quay shopping complex are revealed, the excitement for the regeneration and canal side development is shared by many. In response to the recent announcement and confirmation of exciting new tenants to Castle Quay 2, Banbury Museum’s Director, Simon Townsend, shares the following:

“I am delighted to read the list of big names coming to Banbury, to populate CQ2. Our town is at the centre of a region that has a growing population and economy, fed by our location, robust employment opportunities and excellent communications. Now is a good moment to see investment which will stimulate further growth and development.

As a film lover, it’s good to see that the Museum’s near neighbour will be The Light, a company that sees itself as a social hub that will bring not only blockbusters, but independent and international films, live opera, ballet and theatre.

I find this very heartening, as The Light have clearly identified the opportunity to grow the cultural offer in the region, which is very much our intention in the Museum. Over the coming months we will publish our plans for development, which will bring investment that will transform our museum and exhibitions programme.

The foundation of our ambitions can be summed up in the statement, Great Art and Culture for Everyone, which is Arts Council England’s vision. “Culture and art are a lifeblood for people both as individuals and as part of communities. Whether enjoying a visit to a museum or art gallery, singing in a choir, listening to extraordinary musicians, reading poetry or relishing the excitement of street performance, this is a part of what makes life worthwhile”. These are the words of Sandy Nairne, who was Director of the National Portrait Gallery until 2015, and they resonate with our belief that a great cultural offer is at the heart of a healthy community.

Looking to the future, there is really exciting change around the corner, and I for one am looking forward to taking part.”

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