'Times Gone By’ | Banbury Museum

A bit of background information…

In September 2005 ‘Times Gone By’ made its first appearance, the beginning of a formal reminiscence group at the museum. The original idea was the brainchild of a museum assistant, who’s foresight proved to be, not only accurate but incredibly sustainable, this was the beginning of our flagship reminiscence group.

Back in those early days when offering reminiscence sessions was more an idea than a reality, much effort was made to go out into the local community and forge links with senior residents. As membership has grown and evolved, regular monitoring of ideas and suggestions has taken place, giving ownership of the group as much as possible to the members.

It became apparent early on that there was a great desire amongst members of the group, to preserve their memories in some way. We acquired digital recording equipment and record important group discussions. All the master copies are saved, and we are building an extensive archive of material.

Branching out into oral history has proved to be very fruitful, as edited clips have been included in BBC programmes and on the BBC website; working with school groups; reminiscence projects in care homes; students researching local social history; enhancing exhibitions; introducing discussion subjects with other reminiscence groups in the district.

The ‘Times Gone By’ group has become a great museum resource over the last few years, with members being involved in many projects. 

How to join the group…

Please contact Karey on 01295 236164 or email karey.morley@banburymuseum.org for information on how to join the group.