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Reminiscence work with people in a care home environment, and especially older people with dementia, can help to build self-confidence and independence by concentrating on their strengths. Being in a group where the memories are shared can stimulate the recall of long-forgotten experiences and put participants back in touch with parts of their lives which are pleasurable to remember. The benefits in terms of health and social well-being are becoming more and more valued.

Reminiscence sessions:

  • Where there are residents living with dementia involved, which we always encourage, we suggest a phase consisting of 3 sessions on a particular theme.
  • We work closely with the staff to find out as much about the residents beforehand as possible, so awareness of any difficult issues are understood.
  • Delivery of the sessions is planned to take place in close succession, to try and maintain some continuity for the participants.
  • Session planning includes finding out what subjects the residents would like to explore.
  • Where ever possible we aim to get residents family members, friends and staff to join in with the sessions to try and provide a cohesive experience for the residents.
  • All sessions are planned and delivered to a high quality, which is people centred and suitable for all adults.

A phase of reminiscence sessions would cover:

  • Planning meeting with Care Home staff
  • Resources for staff to gather information/ideas from residents
  • Posters, residents invites and family invites for each session
  •  Items for a care home activity sessions promotional area
  •  3 x 1hr interactive sessions for residents with an opportunity for family/friends, staff to be involved (plus setting up and clearing away)
  • All materials for sessions provided and sometimes refreshment items to extend the theme
  • Evaluation for the Care Home staff

For more information and costing please contact Karey Morley, Banbury Museum Reminiscence & Outreach Coordinator.

Contact details:  or 01295 236165






For more information about our reminiscence work with care homes, please contact Karey on 01295 236164.