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A bit of background information:

Reminiscence work with people in a care home environment, and especially older people with dementia, can help to build self-confidence and independence by concentrating on their strengths. Being in a group where the memories are shared can stimulate the recall of long-forgotten experiences and put participants back in touch with parts of their lives which are pleasurable to remember. 

The benefits in terms of health and social well-being are becoming more and more valued.

The project:

Juniper House care home is embarking on a 6-month project to reach out to some of their older residents affected in their speech and memory, particularly those suffering from early signs of dementia. The group will meet once a month from September 2014 to engage in a friendly, informal session. Multi-sensory triggers alongside a variety of discussion topics will aim to stimulate the return and reconsideration of memories.

For more information about our reminiscence work with care homes, please contact Karey on 01295 236164.