Reminiscence | Banbury Museum

Exploring and sharing memories 

Our reminiscence programme engages with our senior visitors and offers the chance to meet and share stories, images and objects of life experiences.

We have two monthly groups, one of which meets in the museum, where we record many of the discussions to add to our oral history archive and preserve the heritage of our town and residents.

Our programme also reaches out to those living in the community, including people living with dementia. We have developed links with local care home providers, and delivered bespoke reminiscence projects for the residents.

Older people also have the opportunity to link in with our learning programme and meet with school groups and explain to the pupils ‘how it was for us’.

We have led and participated in many local projects with members of our community:

  • An oral history sound trail of Banbury
  • Assisting artists developing public art commissions with their research
  • Celebrating anniversaries of local community assets such as People’s Park and the Open Air Swimming Pool
  • Supporting museum led reminiscence activities in care home settings

We continue to develop and deliver our programme and truly value the skills and contributions of older people in all aspects of our reminiscence work.

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