Rebecca Mileham | Banbury Museum

Rebecca is a writer specialising in science, technology, heritage and culture. Her latest book is Cracking the Elements, revealing tales of intrigue behind the 118 elements in the periodic table.

Her career began at the Science Museum in London, where she developed exhibitions for ten years, and since then she has built a freelance portfolio, creating interpretation for galleries and displays around the world. Her text has appeared in museums in Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Malta, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, the USA, and across the UK. She is chair of governors for Banbury Aspirations Campus and a keen musician.

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Favourite Place

Pinto Lounge, Banbury

Favourite Museum Object

Bernhard Samuelson’s turnip cutter

Fun Fact

I recently travelled to Russia to interview Yuri Oganessian, the only living person with a chemical element named after them.

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