October Lecture | Banbury Museum

October Lecture

Book signing at the Museum Shop, Saturday 10.30 – 12.30 am

Dear all, 

We had a terrific lecture about Compton Verney to start off the season and had a full house too.  Those of you who were there will have collected your copies of Barrie Trinder’s splendid book, the latest BHS volume,  Junctions at Banbury: a town and its railways since 1850, and a few members have collected their volumes from the Museum shop since then.  They will be available for collection until this Saturday, and Barrie will be signing books there on Saturday morning from 10.30 – 12.30 am.  After that we shall be sending out copies to members who have not been able to collect them, but we are keen for as many as possible to be collected personally as it is a substantial book costing a substantial sum to post.

If you haven’t yet been to Compton Verney and are now inspired to go there, there’s lots of information on their website about their exhibitions and if you click on this you should get all the relevant stuff:  http://www.comptonverney.org.uk/whats-on/.

Our next lecture will be by Ben Ford, who is the Director of the excavations at the Westgate in Oxford – the city’s biggest ever ‘dig’.  He is going to tell us about what the dig has revealed, from prehistory to the present.  This will be on October 12th.  

Chris Day, who has been ably editing our journal, Cake & Cockhorse, since Jeremy Gibson stepped down from the role two years ago, has indicated that he would like to bow out, so we are looking for someone to take this on.  There’s plenty of advice and help available, as Chris is not intending to abandon it all at once, but it would be good if there was someone who was technically capable and with some experience of desk-top publishing.

Finally, we have a member who would like to attend meetings but no longer drives after dark.  Is there anyone who lives in her area (Boddingtons) who would be willing?  If so, please contact her direct  -Barbara Hornby  – 01327 261081.

With best wishes