October Lecture | Banbury Museum

October Lecture

Using DNA archeologically

Dear all,

Don’t forget that you have to get into the Museum via the towpath and the cafe at the moment – it will be signposted.

Interesting lecture coming up on Thursday!   …. With a rather dry title but don’t be put off as our speaker has been highly recommended and his subject is part of a really exciting field at the moment, where the relatively new science of testing ancient DNA meets archaeology.  This combination is providing all sorts of new information about pre-history and the transition from scattered bands of hunter-gatherers to a settled farming society. 


Professor Greger Larson will be talking about Exploring the origins of domestic animals using ancient DNA. Professor Larson’s research has been focused on using ancient DNA to look at the relationships between humans and domesticated animals.  Though the modern world rests on a foundation of domestic plants and animals, he has been working to understand how we have become so dependent on them. In this talk he will present findings and new perspectives that have been uncovered by sequencing the DNA of the archaeological remains of our closest animal friends.

The OLHA October bulletin has information about forthcoming exhibitions being held in Steeple Aston about the history of farming there, and in Adderbury about the village in the Great War.

There’s a talk coming up at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Musuem (sofo),for those interested in military history, about the battle of Gallipoli.  Tickets for talks are £10 and can be booked by phone, via the website or at the gift shop.  Phone: 01993 810201    Website: www.sofo.org.uk

Peter Hart’s  ‘Gallipoli’
Wednesday 11th October 2017. 7.00pm – 8.30pm. 
Doors open 6.45pm     Refreshments available.

One of the most famous battles in history, Gallipoli forced Churchill from office, established Turkey’s iconic founder Mustafa Kemal (‘Ataturk’) and marked Australia’s emergence as a nation in its own right. Drawing on unpublished personal accounts by individuals at all levels and from all sides – not only from Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but unusually from Turkey and France too – Peter Hart combines his trademark eye for vivid personal stories with a strong narrative to bring a modern view of this military disaster to a popular audience.

As part of its commemorations of the Armistice, Sibford School is hosting a talk, Friends in Flanders,  by Linda Palfreeman, author of  a book with the same title,  on Monday 5th November at 6.30. She will share her knowledge of the humanitarian aid administered by the Friends’ Ambulance Unit in the First World War.

The discovery of Richard III’s bones:   Dr. Richard Buckley, the archeologist who did much of the research, will be coming to the Millennium Memorial Hall in King`s Sutton, Banbury , OX17 3PG  on 24th November to talk about the discovery of the bones of Richard III in the Car park in Leicester. His illustrated talk will tell of the intricate research and detailed analysis of the bones, confirming that these were indeed the bones of Richard III.   This will be on SATURDAY  24th NOVEMBER  at 7.30pm followed by DRINKS and CANAPES. 
Tickets £15                     All proceeds will go to Save the Children
Please telephone Margot Bell 01295 811166  or margot.bell@mypostoffice.co.uk     for tickets

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Deborah Hayter