Museum Tells Story Of RAF Upper Heyford | Banbury Museum

Museum Tells Story Of RAF Upper Heyford

Cold War Frontier: The story of ‘Little America’, RAF Upper Heyford

17 September 2016 – 7 January 2017

Banbury Museum is receiving huge numbers of visitors after opening the doors to a brand new, never before seen, exhibition about RAF Upper Heyford. ‘Cold War Frontier’ tells the story of ‘Little America’ with first-hand accounts, artefacts and stories from the Cold War period.

RAF Upper Heyford is probably the best-preserved Cold War base in Britain. Though set in North Oxfordshire’s countryside, it was on the frontier of Cold War tensions and by July 1971 it could be claimed that Upper Heyford was the largest fighter base in Europe. Banbury Museums latest exhibition invites you to discover more about this fascinating place through original artefacts and rare images.