Museum Mini's | Banbury Museum

Join us for our special monthly Early Years sessions, perfect for Pre-Schoolers!

Mini Rockers

Led by musical children’s entertainer Jemma Hibbard, toddlers will love using colourful props and dancing to all their favourite songs.

Suitable for ages 1-4 years. Booking is essential. 

Tuesday 17 September10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Tuesday 8 October10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Tuesday 12 November10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Tuesday 3 December10.30am – 11.30amBook Now

Mini Builders

Great fun for little ones with big imaginations! Create castles with bricks and blocks, build ball runs and construct with all sorts of materials. 

Suitable for ages 1-4 years. Booking is essential.

Thursday 19 September10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Thursday 17 October10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Thursday 21 November10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Thursday 5 December10.30am – 11.30amBook Now

Mini Makers

With a different theme each time, this art club will encourage pre-schoolers to use different materials to make and create, letting their imagination lead the way. 

Suitable for ages 1-4 years. Booking is essential.

Friday 27 September10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Friday 25 October10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Friday 22 November10.30am – 11.30amBook Now
Friday 6 December10.30am – 11.30amBook Now