March Newsletter | Banbury Museum

March Newsletter

Medieval Farms, Farming and the Rural Economy.

Dear all,   

Another reminder about our lecture this coming Thursday, 8th March 2018.  If like me you had all sorts of things cancelled last week because of the snow, you will welcome the opportunity to get out to something interesting.   We have Dr.Rosamund Faith, who wrote an important book some years ago called The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship, and has  written and lectured widely about early farming, aspects of the Domesday book, and the development of early landscapes, both in England and in France.  She is going to talk to us on the 8th March about Medieval Farms, Farming and the Rural Economy.  She is always worth listening to.

Our last ‘sit-down’ session of the season will be on April 12th, when we are going to hold a ‘workshop session’ entitled ‘Getting the most out of your sources’.   Barrie Trinder is going to talk about how to use and get the most out of the census;  Helen Forde is going to tell us all about the sources available in the National Archives (she should know, she used to work there as one of their archivists), and Dr. Paul Clark,an architectural historian, will be exploring how to research the history of a house.  This session is designed for those who want to explore the history of their own locality and it will also be useful for family historians.  We plan to offer a glass of wine at half-time, and there will be free books to give away.  If you know of people who are getting started in local or family history, do let them know about this.  It is an ideal opportunity to pull in new members.

I have been sent a plea from Wendy Archer, who is the Volunteers Coordinator for the Oxfordshire Family History society.  They have a programme to enhance the indexes of the VCH  (in agreement with the Editor, Simon Townley).  The idea is that each index entry relates to a place and has a reference.  These are then added to the existing index to create a super-index, which will help to locate and link Oxfordshire names to places.  They have volunteers for most of the volumes, but not for the Banbury one.  Are there any members who would be interested in helping with this?  They would supply the volume and full instructions.  If you’d like to know more, contact Wendy Archer  01865 358151  ( 

If you’d like to know more about the Oxfordshire Family History Society   see their website

with best wishes, Deborah Hayter