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Primary School Workshops for 2019 – 2020



Timings and prices

Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross!

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

With toys, songs, costumes, sounds, smells and textures this lively session introduces young children to the Museum and key topics in Banbury’s history.

A first introduction to local history and museum learning for the very young.

One hour workshop

£2.50 per child

Toys and Childhood

Key Stage 1

In this highly interactive cross-curricular workshop, pupils use toys and games to explore the past through the eyes of children. 

What was life like in the past? Was technology different and how did this affect everyday life? Explore chronology, key historical concepts and new words through the familiar themes of toys and domestic life. 

10am to 2pm

£6.00 per child; lunchroom included.

On the Cut – Canal Experience 

Key Stage 1

How are canals different from rivers? Why were they needed and how do they work? When was the canal like a motorway? Who lived and worked on canals?

With real objects, costume, role play and a trip on a traditional narrow boat, this workshop links to history, geography, art and STEM subjects.

10am to 2pm

£8.50 per child

Boat trip and lunchroom included.

C for Yourself!

Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and SEND pupils

Play eye spy and explore the region’s history with this fun, multi-sensory workshop featuring sound, smells and textures. Discover all the Cs, including Banbury’s Cross, castle, canal, cheese, cake, custard and much more.

A perfect introduction to local history and museum learning.

With options to extend your day with a narrow boat trip, session in the PYE Gallery or self-led activity.

Timings vary according to your needs. 

£2.50 for up to one hour workshop.

Take One Picture:

‘The High Street, Oxford’ by JMW Turner

Key Stages 1 and 2

For four months in late 2019, Banbury Museum is showing The Young Turner, an exhibition curated by the Ashmolean, featuring works by world famous painter, JMW Turner. As a child and young man, Joseph Turner stayed with relatives near Oxford and painted several local scenes, including ‘The High Street, Oxford, a fabulous record of this beautiful street 200 years ago.

Click here for more information

Based on the National Gallery’s Take One Picture programme, Banbury Museum’s 60 minute workshop brings this painting to life, stimulating study across the curriculum, including a city street through time, working lives in history, construction, architecture, techniques in art and Oxford as a city of learning.

30th September 2019 – 10th January 2020

One hour workshop.

£2.00 per child.

Banbury and the Battle of Britain

Key Stage 2

Explore the region’s vital role in winning the Battle of Britain, supplying the RAF with metal from the Alcan factory for Spitfires. Find out how the decoy building saved the real factory from bombing raids and discover what life was like for men, women and children on the Home Front.

With real objects, costume, role play and film this workshop shows how ordinary people – as well as ‘the few’ brave pilots – played a vital part in winning the Second World War.

10am to 2pm

£6.00 per child; lunchroom included.

Victorian Britain

Key Stage 2 

Rich or poor, find out what it was like growing up in Victorian times. How did technological change affect life at home and at work? Explore the ideas of reform not revolution and decide whether it was a good time to be a child.

With real objects, costumes and role play, discover why the Victorian era was so important. 

10am to 2pm

£6.00 per child; lunchroom included.

Waterways – Major highways to modern holidays

Key Stage 2 



Explore the Oxford Canal – once the M40 of its day – with a trip on a traditional narrow boat and a range of hands-on activities. Discover the changing role of the waterway from the Industrial Revolution and the early Victorian heyday to the present day. Why were the canals once so vital and why do we value them today?

With real objects, role play and hands-on activities this workshop supports history and geography. 

10am to 2pm

£8.50 per child

Boat trip and lunchroom included.

Innovate! – Market town to mechanised hub

Key Stage 2 

From a small market town, find out how Banbury’s products – cloth, iron machinery, custard and more – became internationally renowned through the enterprise of local innovators in transport, engineering, food tech and commerce. Explore how these innovators solved everyday problems and led the growth and development of the region.

With real objects, role play and hands-on activities this workshop supports STEM subjects, enterprise and local history.

10am to 2pm

£6.00 per child; lunchroom included.

The Romans are coming!

Key Stage 2

OUTREACH ONLY – available from November 2019

Handle real Roman artefacts and try on a replica slave collar, a Legionary’s armour and more, in this lively workshop in your classroom.

One hour workshop

£75 (subsequent sessions £45)




for details and to book please contact the Learning Coordinator, Vicki Wood


Further Information


If you would like us to visit you, we can deliver the above themes as outreach sessions at your school. For a one hour session we charge £75.00, including travel. Subsequent sessions on the same day and on the same theme are £45.00. 

Self-led visits to the Museum

Self-led school visits to the Banbury Gallery and Waterways Gallery are FREE of charge. PLEASE BOOK to avoid clashes with other school visits. For a small fee we can offer an introduction and/or resources to facilitate your visit. See below for visits to the PYE Gallery.

SEND groups and individuals

We very much welcome children with special needs. All our workshops are accessible to children with special needs in mainstream education. The workshop C for Yourself! has been piloted by  pupils with moderate to severe learning difficulties from Frank Wise School in Banbury and is suitable for SEND groups. For groups of SEND pupils we always have a quiet room available during workshops. Please do contact us for further information about our facilities and practice.

PYE Gallery

Every few months there is a different exhibition in Banbury Museum’s new PYE Gallery. We attract shows from top national and international venues and feature well-known artists and unique collections, as well as local talent. Here’s how to make the most of the PYE Gallery:

  • Look out for curriculum-linked workshops for some of our major exhibitions. For instance, during the Autumn 2019 we are offering Take One Picture: ‘The High Street, Oxford’ by JMW Turner

    for Key Stages 1 and 2, as detailed above.

  • Check What’s on in the PYE Gallery and if you would like to bring your group to the exhibition, contact the Learning Coordinator for options and prices.

Teacher’s pre-visits to the Museum

We advise teachers to visit the Museum before bringing their groups. If possible, please contact us to arrange this.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Banbury Museum’s learning programme is always evolving. Please do contact us with your ideas for future workshops and sessions. 

Teachers’ Twilight Evening Thursday 3 October 3.30pm to 5.30pm

A lot has happened at Banbury Museum in the last 9 months – the new PYE gallery, new teaching staff and new Primary workshops, with more under development. Come and see for yourself with a drink overlooking the canal at our Teachers’ Twilight Evening on Thursday 3 October. Drop in from 3.30pm. If you’re arriving after 5.00pm please come to the door in Spiceball Park Road. If possible RSVP to


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Our cancellation policy

Unless an alternative date can be found,

Visits cancelled within 28 days of the school visit will incur a 50% cancellation fee. 

Visits cancelled within 7 days of the school visit will incur a 100% cancellation fee.