Primary Schools | Banbury Museum

Covid-safe Programme 

  • AT THE MUSEUM – Covid-safe taught sessions, including exhibitions in the PYE Gallery and boat trips on the canal
  • LOAN BOX – Curriculum-linked loan boxes packed with resources and teachers’ notes to use in the classroom
  • OUTREACH AT YOUR SCHOOL – Covid-safe taught sessions on our popular themes



Timings and prices

Covid-safe visit to the Museum

“Thank you also for looking after us so well when we visited. The students really enjoyed their visit.”     

Class teacher

Taught workshop at the Museum

  • KS1 – All about canals, including a boat trip
  • KS1 – Toys and Childhood 
  • KS1 – All about Banbury
  • KS1 – Homes in the Past
  • KS1 – Stuart times/ Great Fires 
  • KS2 – Stuart times/ Civil War 
  • KS2 – Working on the canals 
  • KS2 – Victorians        
  • KS2 – Living in the Second World War 

Up to 3 hours teaching time

Up to £6 per child (£2.50 extra for boat trip)

Includes lunch room

Covid-safe visit to the Museum with exclusive access to the PYE Gallery (no members of the public) 

Click for details of our current exhibition – Taught workshop for max. 30 children


At least 1 hour teaching time

£3 per child

Covid-safe loan box of objects, clothing and resources for your classroom, plus teacher’s pack

Teachers’ recent feedback:

A great enhancement to the children’s learning”, “A life-saver”, “Fabulous”, “Incredibly useful”, “Brilliant”, “Such fun and a great start to our topic”


Loan box of resources to stimulate learning in your classroom. Choose from:

  • Box 1 – Toys and Childhood KS1         
  • Box 2 – All about Banbury KS1
  • Box 3 – Kings and Queens KS1
  • Box 4 – All about canals KS1  
  • Box 5 – Homes in the past KS1
  • Box 6 – Stuart times/ Great Fires KS1 
  • Box 7 – Roman Britain KS2     
  • Box 8 – Invaders and Settlers KS2       
  • Box 9 – Stuart times/ Civil War KS2    
  • Box 10 – Working on the canals KS2   
  • Box 11 – Victorians KS2          
  • Box 12 – Living in the Second World War KS2       


£30 per week

We deliver and pick up to local schools, FREE!







Covid-safe outreach visit to your school

Teacher’s recent feedback:

“The children gained so much from it. It really made the topic come to life!”

Taught outreach workshop at your school

  • KS1 – Toys and Childhood       
  • KS1 – All about Banbury 
  • KS1 – All about canals 
  • KS1 – Homes in the past 
  • KS1 – Stuart times/ Great Fires 
  • KS2 – Roman Britain    
  • KS2 – Invaders and settlers
  • KS2 – Stuart times/ Civil War 
  • KS2 – Victorians KS2          
  • KS2 – Living in the Second World War 

90 minutes

£90 per class (discount for additional class on same day)



for details and to book please contact the Learning and Engagement Manager, Vicki Wood


Further Information

SEND pupils

We very much welcome SEND pupils in our sessions. Please discuss arrangements for special needs at the time of booking. We are happy to give you an online ‘Welcome call’ before the visit, to help students with the transition from school to the Museum.

Teacher’s pre-visits to the Museum

As all visits to the Museum are still pre-booked until restrictions ease further, please let us know in advance if you want to make a pre-visit.

Looking ahead to future exhibitions




Our cancellation policy – not applicable during Covid 19.

Unless an alternative date can be found,

Visits cancelled within 28 days of the school visit will incur a 50% cancellation fee. 

Visits cancelled within 7 days of the school visit will incur a 100% cancellation fee.