July 2015 | Banbury Museum

July 2015

Annual General Meeting

This week we have our Annual General Meeting which will be held at Tudor Hall School, Wykham Park.

The entrance is off the Bloxham Road just outside Banbury, through the very prominent gateway. The meeting will start at 5.30 pm and members may arrive from 5 pm. Drinks will be served as usual and there will be an opportunity to look around.

This is when you elect the secretary and treasurer, together with the committee members. Our president, Lord Saye and Sele, conducts the fastest AGM ever, but there will be an opportunity to ask questions and to make helpful suggestions – please have some!

At this meeting we shall be saying goodbye to Jeremy Gibson who is moving from Oxfordshire to Romsey in Hampshire. Jeremy was one of the founding members of the society and has during the last 50-odd years written and edited an enormous amount of research into Banbury and its surroundings.  It is due to him that the society has published such an impressive list of records volumes. We think that this is certainly rare, if not unique, for a society smaller than a county record society. Over the years he has done all sorts of things to keep the society going and we are immensely grateful to him for all that he has done.  

Now we are faced with the problem of ensuring that we keep up the same high standards. Are there any members out there who have skills in desk-top publishing or using one of the publishing programs? Is there anyone who would like to help with sub-editing and all the business of getting words from a document on screen to printed words on the page – with accompanying illustrations? If there are we would love to hear from you.

We also realize that we could do with some help in keeping the website updated. At the moment I send updates (not often enough) to Simon Townsend’s assistant in the Museum who does it, but we feel it should be possible for this to happen rather more immediately. Could anyone out there help with this?

I am attaching the programme for next year which comes with rather more information than we can fit on the programme card which comes out in August/September. You will see that we are now going for a full year’s programme (we can all have August off) and I hope that you think it is a good one.  Do try and persuade some extras to give BHS a go.

We shall be showing a short film all about Banbury’s filling factory at 7 pm on Thursday November 12th before Kate Tiller’s talk about the Great War at Home.

Saturday November 14th is a date to put into your diaries: the Oxfordshire Local History Association will be holding a study day at Banbury Town Hall on  November 14th this year on the subject of canals and their impact on the County. The first speaker will be Barrie Trinder on his research on census records of boatmen and their families, and there will be other talks as well. 

With best wishes

Deborah Hayter