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Banbury Museum displays local history collections and hosts touring exhibitions
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Why Support Us?

Banbury Museum is constituted as an educational charity

Banbury Museum is constituted as an educational charity, with a wholly owned subsidiary trading company, which gifts all its profits to the charity.

The charitable objects are:

“To advance the awareness and education of the public, particularly, but not exclusively, in the history of Banbury, North Oxfordshire and the adjoining counties, and preserve the collections and archives in its stewardship”.

This will be achieved, in particular, but not exclusively, by:

  • Effective stewardship of the museum’s collections and archives.
  • Exhibiting, interpreting and providing access to collections and archives.
  • Establishing and maintaining museum(s) and/or archive(s) for the benefit of the public, and assisting other organisations in achieving these objectives.
  • Collecting artefacts and archives in the Museum’s own right, or in collaboration with other museums.

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