January 2015 | Banbury Museum

January 2015

Our first lecture in 2015 seems really soon after Christmas

Our first lecture in 2015 seems really soon after Christmas: I hope you will all be recovered and ready for more historical explorations by January 8th, when we have Dr Stephen Johnston, whose subject is Henry Moseley: from Oxford to Gallipoli. 

Henry Moseley was a brilliant young scientist at Oxford at the outbreak of the first world war.  This talk will reveal the human story of Henry Moseley’s short life and tragic death, and presents plans for a commemorative exhibition in Oxford during the summer of 2015.  Dr. Johnston is Assistant Keeper at the Museum of the History of Science at the  University of Oxford. Before joining the Museum in 1995 he worked at the Science Museum in London. 

Martin Fiennes has asked me to circulate members of the society to let you all know that they are looking for some additional Stewards for Broughton Castle to help on Open Days in 2015.  He thought that members of the historical society might be interested.  He thinks that a good few of the current ones are already members.

He writes: ‘The Stewards are in the rooms during the afternoon, answering questions as appropriate. The keenest and the best can also act as Guides for private guided tours (normally after they have done a season or two stewarding). We are also keen to have stewards who don’t mind an afternoon which might include an hour or two in the house stewarding, and then an hour or two in the Tea Room. Clearly this mixed role may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and we would be happy if they just wanted to do the room steward role and not combine it with the Tea Room.’

I have attached his full description with more information which you can download if you would like to know more about it, and it also gives contact details.  

I have also had some news from the Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA),  telling us that articles appearing in the OLHA journal from its inception in 1980 to the present day, are now available on-line via the OLHA website. A searcheable index is available and from there articles can be viewed and downloaded.

This is a fantastic resource containing over 160 articles covering many aspects of Oxfordshire’s history, which will be of great interest to local and family historians. 

The National Archives are holding a huge book sale at the moment with lots of bargains – all available on line. Any of you who are serious family historians should keep in touch with the National Archives website as more and more resources continue to be made available online and so searchable from home. There is a mass of information about the first World War which has been published, with many military records and associated stuff.

Looking ahead, we have further lectures on 12th February and 12th March, and then on 16th April we are going to do something rather different: a historical artefacts Quiz, when we hope that members will bring along interesting objects for others to guess what they are. They could be old tools, or household items, or small items of clothing, or pictures, or whatever.  Preferably bring along things that you can identify yourself, but others may not be able to. I already have several intriguing objects. There will be a (small) prize for the most interesting artefact, and another for the best guesses. We hope this will be fun and enjoyed by all.

With best wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year in 2015.

Deborah Hayter