Haidee Williams | Banbury Museum

Trained in Heritage Management, Haidee worked for the National Trust in various roles and locations for most of her career. Her roles have always focused on visitor engagement.

Haidee has a leading role in events, marketing, customer service, group visits and volunteering. She is now the Museum’s events coordinator.

More about Haidee Williams

Favourite Place

Cliveden, Bucks. It’s a county house garden where I spent a lot of time with my family growing up, exploring and running through the magical water garden with stepping stones and hills to roll down!

Favourite Museum Object

The Chap books. Love these little things.

Fun Fact

My family are all Australian (although I was born in the UK) and I have dual nationality.

Staff Top Trumps

Scores range from one to ten, the lower the number, the lower your score.

Desk Tidiness


Caffeine Dependency


Sweet Tooth


Furthest Travelled


Early Bird


Night Owl