Caz Davies | Banbury Museum

Caz has had a varied career in Heritage and the Creative Arts.

She graduated with a BAHons Arch from the University of York in 2007 and undertook a PGDip in Historical Conservation from City & Guilds London Art School, 2008-10. She then worked as a professional Conservator specializing in Building and Decorative Surfaces Conservation; working around the country on projects such as Buckfast Abbey & Norwich Cathedral.

In 2017 she decided to take on a new challenge and use her creative skills to start her own business in Fibre crafts. This has taught her vaulable social media and digital marketing skills which she now utilises for Banbury Museum.  

More about Caz Davies

Favourite Place

Pembrokeshire, West Wales. My grandparents lived outside Tenby, Pembs. Many happy memories of childhood beach holidays, car picnics and surfing!

Favourite Museum Object

The Loom in the Banbury Gallery. I am a keen textile crafter and hanker for a loom of my own and to learn to weave!

Fun Fact

I’m a massive rugby fan! I captained our University rugby team at York and played Scrum Half at club level up until a couple of years ago.

Staff Top Trumps

Scores range from one to ten, the lower the number, the lower your score.

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5,282 mi

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