BHS February Lecture | Banbury Museum

BHS February Lecture

The Broughton Hoard

Dear all, 
This is just another reminder that this week’s lecture is a really local one on February 14th. Keith Westcott is going to tell us all about Discovering the Broughton Hoard and the Broughton Roman Villa. Keith has himself been instrumental in these discoveries so we shall be hearing all about it at first hand. (You may have read about it in the Banbury Guardian). The Broughton hoard may have belonged to a 17th century Queen after selling off the Crown Jewels, and the Roman Villa, which has not yet been fully explored or excavated, may turn out to be one of England’s largest courtyard villas.

Keith has pursued his interest in local history for 25 years alongside a rather different professional career as a Standards expert in Heating Systems. He has recently formed the Institute of Metal Detectorists, following archaeological principles, and has lectured on this topic at an OUDCE Day School.

Everyone who is a member of this society is also a member of the Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA); their brilliant secretary Liz Woolley sends out a terrific roundup every month of anything and everything that could possibly interest local historians in Oxfordshire. If you would like to see this bulletin click on this url.

with best wishes
Deborah Hayter