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Alexandra has a long history in the art world. 

Alexandra has a long history in the art world, having read History of Art at UCL. She previously volunteered at the NGA, Washington DC. Holiday jobs included a period at Crane Kalman Gallery, London. After university she entered Christie’s as a Graduate Trainee working in the Jewellery, Sculpture and finally Contemporary Art department. She has been independently dealing in pictures for twenty one years. She and her husband are avid art collectors. Alexandra is a supporter of many arts-orientated foundations, including the Royal Opera House, NPG, Tate Gallery and the Wigmore Hall.

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Favourite Place

Beach in Mauritius

Favourite Museum Object

Models on the Waterways Gallery

Fun Fact

Proudest moment - Giving the JR Hospital Cardiac Campaign a cheque for £80,000 as a thank you for saving my husbands life.

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Scores range from one to ten, the lower the number, the lower your score.

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Sweet Tooth


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Early Bird


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