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Clare has worked in the Arts all her life…

Initially with Richard Demarco in Scotland with his gallery and summer schools and later as a publicist for Riverside Studios.  Moving in to the freelancing world she promoted, amongst others, Goethe Institute exhibitions, Nureyev Festivals, Peking Opera, Japan Festival, West End and fringe theatre as well as dance and arts festivals across the country.  Subsequently, she joined the Royal Opera House Development team and spent years working on the new build before heading to North Oxfordshire where, until recently, she promoted Garsington Opera from its earliest years. She continues to promote the Oxford Lieder Festival.

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Favourite Place

Sitting in a taverna in Karistos on the Greek island of Evvia

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Love it all!

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Favourite Book-Finding the Road to Meikle Seggie

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Scores range from one to ten, the lower the number, the lower your score.

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